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ALIVE helps krow + BUGATTI uncover a unique insights in key Asia markets

BUGATTI make some of the most exclusive and expensive cars on the planet and their customers are some of the wealthiest and hardest to reach people in the world, so the marketing challenge for the After Sales Partners was to find communications channels and techniques that would have impact and resonance.

The talented team at our UK-based MISSION sister agency, krow, developed “Power Is In The Small Details”, a marketing communications platform that elevates the positioning of BUGATTI Customer Services at a global level, giving the brand the opportunity to reach even the most elusive customers. But effectively implementing this platform in Asia and the Middle East required intel from BUGATTI After Sales partners in the region, so we conducted a workshop on krow’s behalf to gather valuable data that would feed into the global strategy.

Nine BUGATTI partners from Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Japan flew into Singapore for a 1-day workshop at the local dealership, where we discussed trends and behaviours of customers whilst brainstorming fresh ways to for the brand to communicate with them. As the ideas started to flow and the whiteboard gradually filled up, we were able to uncover a plethora of unique insights from each of the key markets. These insights were then packaged up and sent back to the team at krow for implementation in the bigger marketing communications rollout.