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Sennheiser and British Airways

Sennheiser’s connection to aviation reaches back to 1980 when they first started supplying headsets to Lufthansa. Then in 1984, they partnered with British Airways, providing headsets on Concorde so when they launched the PXC500 headphones in 2016, the latest in their premium noise-cancelling range, British Airways wanted to offer an exclusive entertainment experience to passengers in First and Club class travelling specific routes between New York, Munich, and Singapore’s Changi Airport.

The partnership allowed passengers to enjoy BA’s fantastic range of music, TV and movies in high-quality sound using the PXC500 and specially configured iPads on board that would transform their journey, ideally enticing them to purchase a pair of PXC500 from one of the airports they were travelling through.

Understanding that the majority of First and Club class passengers chose to prepare for their journey in the BA Lounge in Changi’s Terminal 1 and knowing that these customers were tech-savvy and naturally sceptical, we created an inconspicuous Sennheiser brand experience in the lounge using a custom-made 3D holographic display.

A state-of-the-art 3D product demo was activated when the customer picked up the PXC500 headphones connected to the display unit, offering them the chance to see the finer features of the product before stepping on board. Our brand ambassadors were on hand to offer technical and sales advice to around 160 customers over 8 days, resulting in 15% immediate sales uplift.