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Lendlease Employee Excellence Awards Asia 2021

2021 marked the second year Lendlease would be hosting their Employee Excellence Award virtually. Understanding the digital fatigue most of their staff had with the consistent barrage of online events, they sought a way to elevate the digital experience by partnering up with ALIVE.  As a regional initiative for their various Asia offices, Lendlease wanted to create an event that would be accessible for all markets.

To create a more inclusive program, ALIVE worked with a new virtual live streaming platform, Micepad, and leveraged its simultaneous interpretation features to accommodate Lendlease’s audience in China and Japan. Besides also setting up a best-dressed competition leading up to the event, the Awards gave the winners a platform to share some words of thanks and encouragement to their fellow colleagues. In total, ALIVE edited 14 pre-recorded winner videos across 10 categories and helped remote record and edit 5 of their regional team leaders to be able to include their speeches in the 60-minute event.

Hosting them in our green screen recording studio, the event garnered more than 700 attendees who were excited to cheer on their colleagues and appreciated the messages of encouragement shared by Lendlease’s leadership team. as together they strived to create value through places where communities thrive.